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  Comparative Bible Study Lessons  
Comparing Beliefs about God and Jesus Christ.
 We present the verses - not opinions. You decide which is the biblical truth.
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Sorting Through The Confusion

Reading_bible.gifThroughout the history of the world just about everyone has believed in some sort of god. Historically humans have always had a belief in a greater Being as part of their culture. There is a sense in which humanity has simply accepted that there is a God or gods.

But, who is God?
The fact that most people believe in some god raises an obvious question:  Who is the God we should listen to and worship?  Though all professing Christians claim to be monotheist―believe in one God, they have different conception of God.  So, how can anyone be certain that he is worshiping the true God?

The history of the Christian religion started in the first century when the Lord Jesus Christ established His Church in Jerusalem. From this Church Christianity has proliferated to thousands of denominations all over the world. Comparatively these churches have differing and/or conflicting doctrines and beliefs about God and Jesus Christ, but  all claim to use the Holy Bible as the basis of their faith. The fact that not all Christians believe in the same God and Jesus Christ raises an obvious question. Who is God and Jesus Christ that professing Christians should know, believe in and worship so they may ultimately acquire the  "Crown of Life"―the eternal life in kingdom of God in heaven?

This website was created to help people find out the truth. Thus, we endeavor to present and compare beliefs about God and Jesus Christ so people may find it easier to evaluate such beliefs before deciding which belief conforms with the truth written in the Bible.

May you find the following "Comparative Bible Study Lessons" and "Comparative Verse Studies" relevant and helpful in your search for the truth about God and Jesus Christ that are written in the Bible.

"Comparing Beliefs about God and Jesus Christ.   We present the verses - not opinions. You decide which is the biblical truth."

We compare explanations or interpretations of controversial verses. You decide which is the biblical truth."
(This section is under construction. Verses will be added as partially completed.)

  • John 10:30
  • John 20:28
  • Isaiah 9:6
  • 1John 5:7

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"We present the verses―not opinions. You decide if it is the biblical truth"

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Comparative Bible Study Lessons
 Comparing Beliefs about God and Jesus Christ.
 We present the verses - not opinions. You decide which is the biblical truth.

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