Eternal Life Means To Know The Only True God
And To Know The True Jesus Christ
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Eternal Life Means To Know The Only True God
And To Know The True Jesus Christ

Eternal life or everlasting life is endless life of existence. It is the concept of living for an infinite length of time or through eternity. Eternal Life is a state of immortality. Immortality is simply not dying or not being subject to death. Eternal Life has been a subject of fascination to humanity since the beginning of history. It is difficult for the human mind to conceive the concept of eternal life, but the scriptures are very clear about it.

Eternal Life - the Crown of Life

Eternal Life is aptly called the Crown of Life. Eternal Life or everlasting life  is endless life of existence in the Kingdom of God in heaven. Man will be given Eternal Life as he receives the outcome or result of his faith–the salvation of his soul on the day of Judgment.  Eternal life in heaven is God's  promise and ultimate reward to those who love Him. Thus the achievement of Eternal Life is the ultimate reason or goal of everyone who join religion. (Click title to go to lesson)

From whom and in whom is Eternal Life

The Son Jesus is the only way to God, because it is only through Him that man can go to the Father in heaven.  For it is only to Jesus that God the Father gave authority over all people, so that Jesus may give eternal life to all that God will give to Him. Thus, eternal life is from God the Father and He will give it as a gift to His people through the Lord Jesus Christ. Eternal Life is from God and it is in His Son Jesus Christ; whoever does not have the Son does not have eternal life. (Click title to go to lesson)

For whom is Eternal Life

The Lord God sets apart for Himself him who is godly. From the world, God the Father draws the godly people and give them to Jesus Christ. These godly people are being set apart by God for Himself. As Jesus said, "They are yours and you gave them to me". Thus, Jesus gave His assurance that He will certainly not reject or cast out anyone that is given to Him by God, because God has given Him authority so He may give eternal life to as many as God will give Him. Thus eternal life is not for all people, as many people believe it to be, but eternal life is intended for the godly people drawn from the world by God and given to the Lord Jesus Christ. (Click title to go to lesson)

God calls and give people to Christ

God the Father attracts and draws people and give them the desire to go to Christ. In many different ways and situations, people who experience God's calling develops the desire to listen to His words. Many are called to listen to God's words or message but only a few are chosen. They are those who truly understand the message. To the chosen one's the gospel message is meaningful to them, and they are brought to repentance and develop the faith in God and Christ Jesus. These people are then brought into the  fellowship of Christ, which will ultimately lead to a union with Christ, so they may come into right standing with God. (Click title to go to lesson)

Christ teachings about Eternal Life comes from God

Jesus taught and preached God's word or Message, that is the Good News or the Gospel of the kingdom of God because this is the very purpose why God sent Him. Apostle Paul aptly described the "Gospel of Christ", as the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes. The Lord Jesus Christ made it clear that the Gospel is not His own doctrine or teaching but it is the doctrine of God who sent Him because it is the will of the God that must be followed to order enter the kingdom of God in heaven. Thus, whoever listens to Christ's teachings and believes in God, who sent Him, is assured of eternal life. He will be saved on the Day of Judgment, and has passed from death to life. (Click title to go to lesson)

The Basic Teaching of Christ that means Eternal Life

God wants people to listen to His beloved Son. John the Baptist also said that people should listen to Jesus because He  speaks God's words. Jesus himself said that He is a man telling the truth He heard from God (Jn.8:40). Christ's teachings are written in the Holy Scriptures (2Tim 3:15), thus studying the scriptures and believing in the teachings of Jesus means believing in the Father who sent Him and whose commands mean eternal life. When Jesus prayed to the Father in heaven, He clearly and unambiguously said this basic truth about God and himself that means eternal life for believers. " And eternal life means to know you, the only true God, and to know Jesus Christ, whom you sent (John 17:3, TEV).  Because of a preconceived notion of a different God and another Jesus, many people cannot accept the clear and unambiguous words of Jesus, thus, in effect they unwittingly reject Him and refuses to accept His teachings.  (Click title to go to lesson)

Fooled by those who twist and change the truth

Everyone must be aware of false teachings, for many are being fooled by those who twist and change the truth concerning Christ (Gal.1:7, NLT).   So as not to be misled from the truth and acquire a steadfast or unwavering faith, one must have the true knowledge of the Son of God.  One must strive to fully and accurately understand the gospel of Christ as taught by the Lord Jesus himself, that are testified to and wrote about by the His apostles and disciples as clearly written in the Holy Bible. (Click title to go to lesson)

Let us therefore continue our study of the scriptures so we will not be misled to believe a different doctrine that is contrary or does not agree with the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us make sure that  we will receive the outcome or result of our faith–the salvation of our soul on the day of Judgment and receive the Crown of Life–the Eternal Life or everlasting life in the kingdom of God in heaven.


Keep an open mind.
Try it . . . . . . Take a closer look at the scriptural truth.

The scriptures will be made clear and meaningful to you as you study the lessons.

Lessons' List - Eternal Life Means To Know God And To Know Jesus Christ

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